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A spirit of a stone and a keyring

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 Format: ePub, Mobi, Sagteband  Skrywer: Jeni Smithies  Bladsye: 45  Language: English  Dimension: A5  Tags:a spirit of a stone and a keyring | Jeni Smithies |

A candid story of one woman’s courage and tenacity to fight for her dream despite many challenges and life-altering tragedies.  This book will inspire others to dig deep within to find their higher selves, their true spirit when they encounter challenging times.

“It is here where true courage is found.  It is here where we find our true life purpose and learn to accept the things we cannot change.  It may be the scariest thing you’ve ever done and may feel like the dark night of the soul, but you will grow so much as an individual and come out the other side with utter peace in your soul.”

Change comes through adversity.