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Unnotited Warriors

 Skrywer: Hilary Cupido  ISBN: 978-0-7961-1197-5  Bladsye: 99  Language: English  Dimension: A5  Bestel nou

Unnoticed Warriors –

Step into the heart of a government school and witness the extraordinary journey of everyday heroes – the teachers. In this gripping narrative, delve into the struggles and triumphs that these educators face as they navigate the challenges of the classroom. Unnoticed warriors, they battle tirelessly to provide quality education while shouldering their own burdens. Yet, amidst their own trials, they cast a compassionate eye on the unnoticed learners – those who bear unseen burdens, fighting their own battles without notice. This is a poignant tribute to the unsung heroes of education, shedding light on the stories that often go untold.