True self, true connections

Their previous groundbreaking work on Emotional Intelligence was acclaimed by experts like Prof. Peter Salovey, Dean at Yale University, as ‘The most helpful and well-conceived book of its kind in the EQ field’.

As therapists and learning and development facilitators, these authors have positively influenced countless lives. Drawing from years of profound growth and experience, they unveil an even more extensive exploration of personal growth and meaningful relationships.

This new, in-depth edition is designed to do more than inform; it is crafted to inspire. With the guidance within this book, you will be motivated to dedicate time to start your self-discovery, which will lead you to unearth your true self and unique strengths. This will enable you to form more authentic and compassionate connections with others, leading to a life worth living.

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About the Book
Genre: Self and interpersonal development
Tag: Self and interpersonal development
Publisher: Ns. Skrywershuis
Publication Year: 2024
Format: Soft cover
Length: 323 pages
ISBN: 9780796125521

List Price: R350.00
eBook Price: R239.00
What an amazing book! There is so much to learn from it, and the exercises are brilliant. Congratulations, this is a book that can benefit so many people.
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About the Author
Dr. Ronél le Roux and Dr. Rina de Klerk-Weyer

Ronél had the privilege of a happy childhood and youth, filled with various sports, horseback riding, and memorable family holidays.
Even though life has presented Ronél with times of profound self-reflection, love, and fulfilment were abundant, and she found bliss in the smallest of blessings. She is deeply compassionate about nature and animals, and she loves the companionship of her pets. Ronél embraces life as a joyous journey, making the most of all she has.

Rina has a deep affection for animals, photography, reading, hiking, horse-riding, gardening, birdwatching, the serenity of the sea, and the tranquillity of unspoiled nature.

Her formative years unfolded within a loving family. Today, her faith in God, her children, and her family continue to be the cornerstones of her life.

Rina is grateful for every opportunity to touch someone else’s life with unconditional love and acceptance and in the process be enriched with new learnings.