Mentor magic

Enter the world of a public school and witness the remarkable journey of its teachers - everyday heroes.

In this captivating narrative, explore the challenges and victories that these educators encounter while navigating the classroom. Despite their own struggles, these unnoticed warriors fight ceaselessly to provide top-notch education while carrying their own burdens. Yet, in the midst of their own trials, they extend empathy to the unnoticed learners - those who carry hidden burdens, fighting their own battles without anyone noticing. This moving tribute sheds light on the untold stories of the unsung heroes of education.

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About the Book
Genres: Education / Teaching, Educational, Non-fiction
Tags: Education / Teaching, Non-fiction
Publisher: Ns. Skrywershuis
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Soft cover | eBook | Mobi
Length: 154 pages
ISBN: 9780796111951

List Price: R130.00
eBook Price: R130.00
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About the Author
Hilary Cupido

To pursue my dream, I had to take up various odd jobs while my supportive husband helped fund my four-year university education. Growing up in an area plagued by gangsterism and other negative influences, I persevered through hardships to reach my current position as an educator.

From an early age, I had a profound love for writing, and now, at the age of 46, I finally embracing my passion for writing. My achievements and blessings are attributed to the grace of God, and I humbly give Him all the glory for the knowledge and skills that allow me to pursue my writing endeavors.