The kiss and beyond

When man and woman are alone and intimate, the trappings of propriety are shed. The ever-present but hidden brashness of our animal nature emerges, and we copulate as all animals do.

Why? To satisfy an inherent craving, nature has implanted in each of us. Sexual satisfaction is nature’s way of rewarding us for ensuring the species' survival, above all, through evolutionary adaptation. And that is what life is all about. As a voyeur, I observe my characters dispassionately. They do their own thing as literary characters tend to. They lust and love, they fret their hour upon life’s stage, they age, they die, then are heard no more. The rest is just one overarching trivial pursuit. Come to think of it, maybe the lust of lust is, in the greater scheme of things, just that, too. What, I ask, in all of this, if anything, is life's ultimate purpose? No, I am not a cynic. We are what we are, we strive for perfection – at least, some of us do – we live, we die. We cannot re-engineer humanity, try as we might.

This is what The Kiss and Beyond investigates.

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About the Book
Genres: Adults only, Essays, Fiction, Gold Star - highly recommended, Love stories, Romance
Tags: Adults only, Fiction, Sexual subject, women and men
Publisher: Ns. Skrywershuis
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Soft cover | eBook | Mobi
Length: 176 pages
ISBN: 9780796117519

List Price: R150.00
eBook Price: R150.00
Although a sensitive subject for some, this book is beautifully written with respect and an investigative mind. Questions are asked and answers can be found in each storyline. We cannot re-engineer humanity, try as we might. This is what The Kiss and Beyond investigates.
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About the Author
Malcolm de Roubaix

Malcolm de Roubaix is a retired anaesthesiologist with doctorate degrees in medicine and philosophy. He is the author of 33 peer reviewed articles, mostly on bioethics, and three books. His Hoop, Heling, and Harmony – Dink Nuut Oor Siekte en Genesing (Penguin Random House SA, 2019), was the winner of the prestigious Andrew Murray literary prize. Cambridge Scholars Publishers in the UK published two of his books in 2023: A Journey into the Human Experience of Incurable disease: From Hope to Healing, and Reproductive Rights in the 21st Century: Procreation and Abortion. He has worn many hats: professionally, that of a practising general practitioner and anaesthesiologist, researcher, chair of a Research ethics committee, lecturer in Bioethics, and Research Fellow at the Centre for applied Ethics, Department of Philosophy, Stellenbosch University. He has also been a successful property developed. His hobbies include road running – more than 40 marathons and a number of ultra-marathons, including two Comrades and eight Two Oceans and at 78 still shuffles his way on the road.
The Kiss and beyond is his first foray into the demanding world of fiction writing.