With love from Tekapo

It is September 1939, in New Zealand. With the winter in its last throws and war looming in Europe, two sweethearts meet on the banks of Lake Tekapo.

They spend time together for old times’ sake before parting ways to join the war in Europe.

Kevin Welsh, an infantryman, and Helen Townsend, a nurse, both from Tekapo, had discovered the wonder of their love the night before. Today, the two young people had to report for service after the Prime Minister made New Zealand the first country to declare war against Germany.

Memories of their passionate night follow the two lovers until the end of that war. Then, their love faces new challenges as sorrow crosses their path again. Never could they have realised that this war would steal their youth.

With love from Tekapo is a must-read for readers with a passion for history and love stories.

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About the Book
Genres: Action, Adventure, Historical Fiction, Love story
Tags: Highly recommended, Historical - based on true events, Love story, Romance
Publisher: Ns. Skrywershuis
Publication Year: 2023
Format: Sof cover | eBook | Mobi
Length: 354 pages
ISBN: 9780639799018

List Price: R200.00
eBook Price: R200.00
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About the Author
Louis Rautenbach

Louis Rautenbach is die outeur van verskeie boeke waarvan sommige ook in Engels beskikbaar is. Hy woon aan die Oos Kaapse kusdorp Jeffreysbaai waar hy sy artistiese vermoëns uitleef. Hy is ook deeltyds betrokke by geestelike werk, berading en begeleiding.