Maria ES Prinsloo, the writer of this book, is passionate about words and writing. She was born and raised in Pretoria, divorced and settled in the Lowveld. She has a N3 in Business studies, a diploma in Paralegal Studies, a diploma in English Literature and creative writing and successfully finished numerous writing courses. As ghostwriter she wrote on topics about mental health, meditation, stress management and the power of a positive mindset for international authors . On completing these works, she started to focus on publishing her own work. Maria spends her free time assisting women in abusive relationships, being a survivor herself, she finds joy in making life a little easier for others.



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Women and children are being raped, abused, stalked – and murdered – but are expected to keep quiet about this. We can no longer accept this as “normal”. Statistics tell us that more than half of all murders worldwide are committed by partners. Husbands, wives or relational partners suffer the worst abuse.

These stories are told anonymously to protect their identities and their safety. They have shared their stories willingly, in their own words, from their perspective. And they have done so with love – hoping that sharing their stories will make a difference to yours. May these true stories inspire you to find your voice, face this onslaught with courage, and overcome it to live a free, healthy life.

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